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The Problem:

Runners get injured ALL THE TIME.

50-80% of runners are injured every year. A majority of those injuries are over training & training errors.

They are preventable.

We know it's no fun to watch your friends running from the sidelines. Stop dreaming about tripping your friends & start imagining running on your terms, perhaps, even in a banana costume. Just kidding (well, sort of, we actually encourage this behavior)! 


The Solution:

All the resources runners need in one place to stay healthy.

Our online membership gives you access to information you need, directly from the experts,  to be healthy, strong & stay injury free. It doesn't matter if you are a new runner or seasoned runner we have what you need. 

We also created a toolbox full of fun and thoughtful gifts for runners focused on the mind & body connection. 





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Our weekly newsletter provides you with information you need to stay healthy and run your best. Every week you will receive information about nutrition, mindset, training or exercises to make your body and mind stronger.

Recovery & high performance demand training both your mind & your body.

  • Recipes built for Performance
  • Be Slow. Get Fast  mindfulness coloring book for improved focus or a faster recovery
  • The Injury Journal created to help navigate the mental and emotional challenges of injury
  • Specialty running themed candle to cover up your smelly running shoes
  • Lacrosse ball to get into those hard to reach trigger points & sore muscles
  • Fast Bananas trucker hat to hide your sweaty running hair 
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