The Company Everyone is Going Bananas Over!

Google? Apple?  Netflix? 


FAST BANANAS! Obviously.

So what exactly is Fast Bananas?

Fast Bananas is not a brand. It is a community, a movement to shift how runners train. To empower athletes to break the cycle of injury, pain and disappointment. To enter into a new paradigm where running is still fun, success comes with ease and we have access to the very best there is to offer. It is a place we can learn from the same experts olympians and professional athletes have access to. It is not healthcare or performance. It is more. 

Fast Bananas is the culmination of experience, research, education, conversations and a love of running. For over twenty years Dr. Mihevc Edwards has been involved in the running community learning, teaching and helping frustrated runners return to what they love. Now we want to share all of our expertise with you.


We have an online subscription that gives you access to experts from all over. Mindset coaches, sports psychologists, running coaches, strength coaches, yoga instructors, dietitians that work with elite runners, running medicine doctors and physical therapists, sleep experts and more. Our online content will continue to grow regularly.


We also have a Runner's toolbox coming out that will compliment all that you learn from the experts. It is great gift for yourself or for any runner! Plus all the cool bananas are going to have one....


xo Splitz