Dr. Kayla Balcom

PhD, Sports Psychologist

Kayla was born and raised in Idaho with an appreciation for the outdoors, fresh air, and wintery weather. A figure skater most of her life, she was introduced to the mental skills of sport quite early; and an opportunity to take a  course on psychology in high school sealed the deal. Kayla left home for the University of Delaware where she received a degree in Psychology, she then pursued her PhD at the University of North Texas. Following her degree she worked at the University of Miami and the University of Tulsa working with athletes before finally landing at Georgia Tech where she is the Director of Sport Psychology.

Today she works with student-athletes at GT and houses a small private practice for community clients, young student-athletes, and elite and professional athletes. Kayla and her husband Ryan love spending time outside, eating good food, attending sporting events, comedy shows, and WWE events. They recently welcomed their son, and enjoy going on walks with their stroller and their dog. Kayla believes in wholehearted living and focuses on health and happiness - acknowledging that it comes in many forms and looks different for everyone. Core to her identity and practice are vulnerability, honesty, compassion, curiosity, and a willingness to "lean in."

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