Lindsey Cortes


Sports Dietician


Lindsey is a sports dietitian, entrepreneur, and a lifelong runner. She is the owner of Rise Up Nutrition LLC which aims to help female athletes overcome disordered eating and use food as fuel to perform at their highest level. Lindsey received her bachelor's degree in Dietetics from UMass Amherst while competing as a DI track & field athlete and then received a Masters in Sports Nutrition at Florida State University. She has worked as a sports dietician for collegiate athletes in many settings, including at the University of Georgia, Florida State University and University of Texas San Antonio. She also worked as the tactical dietitian for the Air Force Special Operations for many years and continues to support the US military through various contracts.

Now Lindsey focuses solely on her business. She provides counseling and group nutrition programs. Lindsey is very active on social media @female.athelete.nutrition and is the host of the Female Athlete Nutrition podcast to educate and empower other female athletes to understand food, have fun with food and of course fuel their athletic dreams.

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