Mandy Roberts

Yoga Instructor

Heartfelt and devotional, Mandy's sincerity and zest for life are always at the forefront of her offerings. Mandyโ€™s classes are a sweet {and often sweaty} celebration of life expressed through embodiment, music, and storytelling. She loves to invite her students to embody sacred playfulness on the mat, while weaving alignment cues that help them to feel strong and centered. Infused with inspiration from the world around her, Mandy is a natural and nurturing teacher and has been known to lovingly guide her students through major breakthroughs both on the mat in their life. More than just another yoga class, Mandy offers her students a yoga experience. Finding yoga, Mandy had no idea she was embarking on a life-long journey of self-reflection and personal growth. Her divorce just a few years later was the catalyst for a complete dissolution of her former life and the beginning of what is now FORM yoga. ย 

โ€‹A stay-at-home mom for many years, the end of her marriage, which felt like the end of her life, was actually the threshold of a beautiful new beginning. As she leaned on her yoga practice heavily, it became very clear that she was being nudged toward teaching yoga and in just a few short months, to owning a yoga studio {yep, it really did happen that way!}. During the challenging times surrounding her divorce Mandy found that the teachings of yoga were one of the only things that could help her keep her focus on moving forward and choosing life. Mandy deeply trusts that life always moves through cycles of beginnings and endings. As a retreat leader Mandy has thousands of hours of experience safely and tenderly guiding her students through processes of growth and transformation.

Mandy has studied Pranic Healing with Master Stephen Co, Enneagram with Russ Hudson and Intuitive Development with Janet Raftis. She has studied, lived and in 2017, completed her certification with the transformational Urban Priestess movement. In addition Mandy has studied yoga with numerous accomplished national and international teachers from various traditions. Mandy is twice a Lululemon Athletica ambassador in Atlanta and represented Atlanta at the 2015 Lululemon Ambassador Summit in Whistler. In addition Mandy is a presenter in the 2014, 2016 and 2018 Dirty South Yoga Fest, the 2015 and the 2016 Atlanta Women's Foundation Yogathon, The 2015 Wigwam Health and Wellness Festival, and a co-chair of the first annual Atlanta Yoga Rave. A lover of expression through writing, she has contributed articles about the benefits of yoga and mindfulness to numerous publications over the years. However Mandy believes her greatest accomplishment is the supportive and connected community she has created at FORM yoga. When she is not at the front of the room teaching you can find Mandy hanging out around Decatur with her new husband Ruan, hanging with friends on a patio, or in-studio as a student, moving and breathing with you.ย 


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