Dr. Jen Davis

PT, DPT & Mindset Coach

Jen is a Healthy Mindset Coach serving injured athletes feeling like theyโ€™re losing their sense of self during/after the rehab process. Jen started her career as a Doctor of Physical Therapy and served the sports medicine population for nearly 5 years before she started her own business as a Mindset Coach. She loved helping athletes physically get back to sport, but she always felt an important part of the rehab process was missing. During her personal experience recovering from 8 sports-injury-related surgeries, Jen felt like the most challenging part of recovery and returning to sport was not the physical โ€“ it was 100% the mental game. And in her clinical practice as a Physical Therapist, she recognized that the non-physical sides of injuries are often where athletes crave support the most. This is what led Jen to learn everything she could about coaching athletes through the mental and emotional roller coaster associated with injury and the return-to-sport process.

Now Jen works full-time leading injured athletes in all sports through her tried-and-true Athlete Empowered Method, helping athletes to heal from the inside out. Her mission is to educate and empower athletes to take the reigns back on their happiness during all stages of injury and recovery so that they can feel like their best selves inside and outside of sport.

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