Dr. Christine Pieton

Women's Health PT, Running Specialty

Dr. Christine Pieton PT, DPT, MBA is a women’s health physical therapist who specializes in pelvic floor, prenatal and postpartum conditions, as well as running-specific rehabilitation. I'm passionate about helping my fellow ladies feel strong and confident from the inside out, without aches, leaks, or limitations. Women deserve so much more than the generic one-liner of advice “just listen to your body” during pregnancy, and "just ease back into things," after having a baby to guide their postpartum recovery. Motherhood is an athletic event, and you deserve to have a pelvic floor PT on your team to help guide you through this unique chapter of your life, and to take the guess work out of how to continue to support your athleticism for the long term. I'm so excited to be a part of the Fast Bananas Team to help support prenatal and postpartum runners, and look forward to lacing up and learning along side all of you!

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