Chris Stanley

Sports Psychologist

Chris Stanley is Associate Research faculty at Florida State University and has previously been full-time Psychology faculty at institutions in North Carolina and Florida. Throughout his career, he has been involved on a variety of collaborative research projects and applied activities related broadly to human performance in athletic, health, psychosocial, and educational domains. In addition to teaching academicĀ courses, he has given an array of performance-based lectures at conferences for audiences of athletes, families, coaches, and psychologists. In terms of writing and scholarship, he has dozens of peer reviewed publications, including two books. His most recent book focuses on coaching athletes with hidden disabilities and conditions. In practice, Chris has been involved with USA Track and Field since 2014, beginning with work at regional events and U20 international teams. Most recently, he has served as lead Sport and Performance Psychology staff at the Summer Olympic Games in Tokyo, Indoor World Championships in Serbia,Ā and the Outdoor World Championships in Oregon. He has also consulted with a variety of other professional organizations, including the Atlanta Track Club.