Dr. Kate Mihevc Edwards

Running Medicine PT

Founder of Fast Bananas

Dr. Kate Mihevc Edwards, PT, DPT, OCS is a physical therapist, author, speaker & educator helping to widen the lens on treating and caring for runners. Runners and those who care for them often believe that the definition of success depends on physical performance of their bodies and how well they do at a race. 

Through 13+ years of successfully treating thousands of frustrated athletes while navigating her own injuries and health struggles, she knows and believes that an athlete's success is so much more than their body or their sport. She also knows that for athletes to stay healthy and perform at their highest potential we must shift the paradigm in sports. More is not always better and sometimes we need to slow down to go faster. Kate is the CEO and founder of Precision Performance & Physical Therapy in Atlanta and Fast Bananas - if you're lucky you  may see her running around Atlanta in a Banana costume!

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