Emily Barnart


Sports Dietitian

Emily Barnhart is a Sports Dietitian and carb lover. Her practice, The Injury RD, arose after hearing a coach warn an athlete, “Just don’t come back fat.” moments after the athlete heard earth-shattering news. He needed major surgery and was about undergo a 12–18-month rehab process. Emily believes we need to bring a more compassionate voice to food, nutrition, and body image to athletes overcoming injury.

In addition to The Injury RD, Emily has worked with collegiate and professional organizations and currently consults with the USA Volleyball men and women’s court teams. Her approach to
food and fueling is very relaxed. Adjusting your nutrition habits to support your athletic goals should be easy. There’s a lot to stress about, and nutrition doesn’t need to be added to the list. Especially if you’re rehabbing an injury, you have enough going on!

Admittedly, Emily is a “type 2” athlete. She grew up in gymnastics and “ran track” in high school (competed in pole vault because there was minimal running involved). She did complete a half marathon once, where she spoke to God at mile 11. “Dear Lord, please don’t ever let anyone convince me to run a marathon.” Her long-form cardio meditation comes in the form of hiking.

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